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power adapter
  Model:power adapter

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The document detail the electrical,mechanical and environmental specifications of a SMPS,
The power supply provide 7.5W continuous output power.
  RATED INPUT VOLTAGE:110Vac to 240Vac.
  INPUT VOLTAGE RANGE: 100Vac to 265Vac
  INPUT CURRENT: 100-240Vac
  INRUSH CURRENT:30A max at 100-240Vac input for a cold start at 25℃
 AVERAGE EFFICIENCY:More than 75% at 110/220Vac input and output full load.
 Energy Consumption<0.3W
Static Output Characteristics〈Vo&R+N〉.
Output rate :+5V
Rated Load :0.0A to 1.5A
Output range : 4.75-5.40V
Ripple &Noise :<50mvpp

R&N:Measurement is done by 100MHz bandwidth oscilloscope and the output pqralleled a 0.1uF ceramic
  Capacitor and a47uF electolysis capacitor.(test underthe condition of rated input and rated output)
  3.2 Lin/Load Regulation
  Output rate :5V
  Load confition : 0.0A-1.5A
  Combine regulation: ±5%
  3.3 Turn-on Delay Time:  3S max at 100Vac to 240Vac at Full load.
  3.4 Hold-up Time
    10ms Full load&115Vac/60Hz input turn off at worst case 。
    20ms Full load&230Vac/50Hz input turn off at worst case。
  3.5 Riss Time :  50mS Rated
  3.6 Fall Time:  20ms max .at Full load
  3.7 Out put Overshoot/Undershoot:  10% max.When the power on or off
  3.8 Output load Transient Response:
   Output voltage within 4.75-5.40V for load stdp from 20% to 80%, R/S:0.5/us,frequency:100Hz duration and 8mS at 80%
  4.Protection Requirenents
   4.1 Over Current Protection
   An over current from the output to return line will not damage the power supply.
   4.2 The power supply shall be protection(hiccupped & power reduced) and no damage shall occur when any outpu
   operating in a short circuit condition under any line condition for an indefinite period of time.The power supply shall be
   self-recovery when the fault condition is removed.
 5.Envi ronment Requi rements
  5.1 Operating Temperature and Relative Humidity
     Operating Temperature:0℃ to+40℃ Relative Humidity:10%RH to 90%RH
  5.2 Storage Temperature and Relative Humidity
   -20℃ to +80℃
 5%RH to 95% RH non-condensing at sea level shall be low 10,000 feet
 10 to 300Hz sweep at a constant acceleration of 1.0G(Breadth:3.5mm) for 1Hour for each of the
 perpendicular axes X,y,Z
  5.4 Drop in
   Heght:1m:the product should be fell off on the hardwood with the thickness of 20mm,and the
   hardood should be put on the base of the cement or on the
   Ground without flexibillity Apply two times on all surace
Relability Requirements
  6.1 BURN-IN
   The power supply shall undergo a minimum of 4 hours Burn-In test under full load at 35-40℃.
  6.2 MTBF Qualifcation
   The MTBF shall be at least 50,000hours at 25℃,Full load and nominal input condition
EMI/EMS standards/EMI/EMS
  7.1 EMI standards/EMI
EN55022: 1998, +A1:2000 +A2:2003,Class B
CISPR 22:2003,Class B
AS/NZS CISPR 22: 2004,Class B