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DVB-T in towns of Zitong County,Si Chuan Province

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On the morning of 14th,April, reporter saw many residents were getting the cable set top box on the business site in Xuzhou Town,Zitong County,Mianyang City.We will complete the turning goal of cable set top box in Xuzhou Town,which covers more than 800 users.Huang Dafa said,who is the principal of the business site.

Xuzhou Town is the second biggest town in Zitong County,there are about 4000 users of cable box,900s in Chang Town.At the beginning of this year,the leader of Broadcaster and Branch Network Company were communicating with the leader of the town,in order to make all of the residents to use the cable set top box.In March of 2012,under the support of town’s government and the Party, Engineering and technical personnel of the Broadcaster and Branch Network Company have completed the fiber optic cable’s constructing and the welding work between center machine room to 48 core backbone fiber optic cable and town and surrounding villages and communities.And successfully launch the cable digital TV signals.There are more than 420 users of cable set top box,including 78 HD users in Xuzhou Town.It is the second town to finish the work of turing the cable STB and reconstructing the Two-way network,which stepped by Liya Town.

There are 20000 users willl take part in the task of turing the cable STB in Zitong County.At present,except Xuzhou Town,Sanquan Town and Shiniu Town also begin the work.And Dongshi Town,Xiaoya Town have finished the work of fiber optic cable’s constructing and the welding.

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