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DVB at BroadcastAsia

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DVB will be present at this year's Broadcast Asia Exhibition & Conference (June 19-22, Singapore) with demos and presentations on DVB-T2 and DVB-C2.
On Stand 4S4-06 you will be able to see a DVB-T2 and T2-Lite demo. DVB-T2-Lite is a new feature of DVB-T2, the world's most advanced DTT system. The new profile pares down DVB-T2 parameter settings to what is required for mobile and portable reception. The result is a very efficient mode that enables the complexity of the receiver chips to be reduced by 50 percent, which in turn reduces receiver costs. It is easy and cost-effective to implement T2-Lite into an existing DVB-T2 infrastructure. The demo consists of a DVB-T2 stream received on a DVB-T2 iDTV and a T2-Lite demo. Details to follow!
The DVB-C2 demo will show how the second generation cable standard has now been implemented into an iDTV and a prototype DVB-C2 Humax set-top box. The large capacity increase of the DVB-C2 standard would also be of great benefit to the Asian region, where mainly DVB-C systems are being used.
DVB experts will also be participating in the official conference program in the "DVB-T2 Technologies - The Road Ahead' session. Topics will include a DVB development update; DVB-T2 in Myanmar, Singapore and South Africa; DVB-T2 transmitter and receiver technologies; experience on T2 implementation; and DVB-T2-Lite for mobile applications.

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